The best things in life are freemium.

Whether you’re a start-up or small business looking to keep costs down, free online tools and services are always useful. Here’s the 10 best new free tools for start-ups and small business I’ve recently come across.

1. SocialRank

SocialRank is a Twitter analysis tool for Small Business

Quickly analyses your Twitter followers to engage the ‘Best’ and ‘Most Valuable’

I really like this service. SocialRank is an easy way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter. When you’re running successful Twitter profiles it’s difficult to identify the ‘Most Valuable’ or the ‘Best’ followers. SocialRank’s provides analysis of both: helpful for individuals and brands looking to activate a potentially un-engaged, but very ‘valuable’ followers and the customers that strike a great balance between engaging with you and having the reach or importance. Nice app to reward your best customers with.

2. Peek

Get a Peek Into Your Site or App s Usability   Peek by UserTesting

Have an unbiased everyday user take a look at your website and give feedback

Peek is a great tool for anyone interested in user-centered design. Add your URL and an hour later a video is available where an everyday user talks through their experiences using your website. Just be prepared for a bruised ego!

3. Slack

Free communication tool for small business called Slack

Gets all your internal communication channels into one searchable place

Slack’s mission is to get all communication into one place – instantly searchable, available wherever you go. You create internal channels and tag communication so that it’s shared with the right people at the right team. Slack lets you send messages, files and comments, inline images and video, rich link summaries and integration with the services you use every day, like Twitter, Dropbox and Google Drive. And it’s free.

4. Mobile App Development Cost Calculator

How Much to Make an App

Protip: It’s going to be expensive. This just helps your CFO come to terms with it.

Building for mobile is expensive. This handy tool takes you through a Q&A about your mobile product and estimates the cost of building it. Very useful for guidelines spending for native apps.

5. Pitcherific

Pitcherific   Improve pitching ideas with our free pitch training tool

Train and develop your elevator pitching with this simple and free tool

I find public speaking a bit like skydiving: nerve-racking but highly rewarding. Learning to pitch properly is all about practice, refinement and practice. Be that in the boardroom or in conference venue. Pitcherific is a great tool to help you craft your pitch, practice your delivery and record your improvement.

6. Hive

Free Cloud Storage tool for Small Business

Unlimited free cloud storage with a social element mixed in

Between Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Box, and OneDrive the cloud business seems pretty crowded. Hive is a new entrant into the market combining an unlimited free cloud service with a layer of social. Last year they raised $500,000 in seed funding from Bigcolors, a German IT infrastructure company Link11 GmbH, and some angel investors. Worth taking a look purely for the ease of sharing large files.

 7. Ad Spend Calculator

How much should a start-up be spending on Advertising?

Analyses your LTV + CAC to tell you how much you can spend on ads

The guys at Qwilr have created this handy free tool to calculate how much your business can afford to should be spending on advertising. The tool takes you through a quick Q&A to calculate your Life Time Customer Value your Customer Acquisition Cost and Costs per method (PPI, PPC and Signup), and then suggests a spending guideline for each method. Probably works best building a SaaS model, but works for other industries too.

8. Product Management by Intercom (Free E-Book)

The 10 Best New Free Tools for Start-ups and Small Business

Des Traynor and John Collins share their lessons in building great web products

Four chapters: ‘Evaluating your product’, ‘The thing about new features’, ‘Which new features to build’ and ‘Getting the feature used’. This book helps you make better decisions on which features to improve on, which features to not and how to build a better product.

9. Pablo

Pablo by Buffer   Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds

Online image design tool created for social media posts

Pablo is one of the better text over image web tools. When you’re too rushed to open up Photoshop, pop onto Pablo to add text and crop images to the right dimensions for your social media posts.

10. Mention

Mention   Real time media monitoring application

A Real-time media monitoring application that kicks ass

Mention does what any real-time monitoring tool should and it’s free to use on a basic plan. It monitors millions of sources (including multilingual sources) and connects directly to your social media accounts to post from one central place. What’s really good features are it’s sentiment analysis tools and priority inbox. Definitely something worthwhile to cut down noise from homonyms and spam.

Bonus 11th – Musicisum

musicisum   The Easiest Way To Learn Guitar

Has nothing to do with business at all, but I love guitar and this tool kicks-ass

Rabea Massaad is a legendary guitarist and this new web tool is a creative and interesting way to learn the ‘real’ art of playing modern electric guitar. From advice on holding a pick, all the way to becoming a shredding master this is a fun way to learn. The first lessons are free and then reverts to a paid subscription model.


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