The annual CGA Consumer Insights and Marketing Conference was held on Wednesday, 18th March. Here are 5 key thoughts from the conference on and around the UK eating and drinking out market.

1. Innovation

“Brand’s live in a world of oversupply … great brands orientate themselves around the customer, not the technology. Brands simplify choices … because customers are suffering with Stuffocation.”

— Fraser Bradshaw (saintnicks)
Facts about Innovation:

  1. Innovation is not about technology. Technology should always be a facilitator. It’s always about the experiences of the consumer.
  2. Innovation is the process of creating something new that makes consumer’s life better.
  3. Innovation is impossible without passion. Great stories happen to those who can tell them.
  4. Innovation is about setting correct goals and fresh thinking.
  5. Innovators see the world differently. Think broader than your own category.
How to be more Innovative:

  1. Define your offering. What are you fighting against?
  2. Set the correct goals.
  3. Commit to a plan on fresh thinking.
  4. Develop new partnerships and alliances
  5. Thinking broader than your own category
  6. Align your brand with social trends
  7. Talk yourself interesting – create stories
  8. Grow your social and cult capital
  9. Get a metrics expert
  10. Be discipled and have a roadmap.

Peach Conference 2015

2. Loyalty

“Intention to visit + the likelihood to recommend = we can begin to understand behavioural loyalty.”

— Jamie Campbell (CGA Peach)

The five perceptions that drive behavioural loyalty:

  1. Friendliness
  2. Freshness
  3. Reliability
  4. Trust
  5. Authenticity

3. Disruption

“Honest is about doing something simple. There’s clarity to it. Choice is actually overrated.”

— Phil Eeles (Honest Burgers)

Some disruptors:

Honest Burgers

4. Customer Experiences

“Your guests’ digital journey starts when your customer begins to consider visiting you .. and ends when they say goodbye.”

— Emma Woods (Merlin Entertainments)

Emma’s five bits of advice on building great customer experiences:

  1. Think digital customer journeys, not just digital interaction.
  2. Obsess about gathering data on all your customers, not just building a promotional database
  3. Loyalty programs aren dead but they need reimagining from the customer perspective
  4. Your relationship with the CIO is  force for good, not a necessary evil
  5. More change is on the way, done be complacent and look at other sectors to see how customer expectations are being raised.

5. Customer Relationship Management

” Over the next five years what will differentiate brands … will be their ability to personalise the experience for their customers. “

— Darron Gregory (Celerity)
Thanks Peter and the crew from CGA for the invitation.


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